No! Bleach is not a good spot remover. It can discolor or dissolve your carpet fibers. It can even loosen the carpet from its backing. What else should you know? We could write a book about it. Our cleaning technicians arrive with no less than 12 specialty spot formulas to tackle your dirt.

Professional spot cleaning offers many benefits compared to home-made remedies. At Mountain View Cleaning, we know different makes and types of carpet, upholstery materials, and we’ve had experience with almost every kind of stain.

Don’t be disappointed with off the shelf spot removers.  Everyone tries the bottled removers or their own home remedies, but nothing substitutes for commercial cleaning formulas in the hands of an experienced cleaner.

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Time is the Trick

Spots and stains can be dealt with, but don’t wait too long. Spills, pet stains, tracked mud and the like have a habit of drying and becoming permanent, or at least much harder to deal with. The truth is, the sooner one of our professionals can get to your stain, the more likely it is we can get it out and make things look like new.

Do it Yourself? Just Use Water!

Of course, you’ll be tempted to clean up that spot yourself.  We understand. So, here’s the best tip we can give you: just use water!  Warm water is a universal solvent, and a gentle one. Gently spray or pour a bit of water on the stain.

Using a clean towel, blot the stain. Avoid scrubbing.  Sometimes you can use a clean wet/dry vac to help with spots. Pour water around the end of the vacuum hose as you gently place the hose straight down on the carpet and move it over the stain.

In either case, if you’re careful, you can’t do any damage, and though you may not remove the stain, you are likely to help the situation and made it more likely we can remove that stain when we get there!

Replacing Carpet and Furniture is Expensive

The longer you wait, the tougher those stains become. We’re affordable to start, and believe us, when you wait too long or damage your carpet or furniture with bleach or because you didn’t follow the instructions properly on that cleaner you bought, your only option becomes replacing the damaged carpet, rugs, and furniture.

Replacement is expensive. Professional spot cleaning is affordable. You can do the math.

Serving Westmoreland County and Beyond

With meticulous attention to detail, respect for your property, and care in providing an outstanding result, our goal is to set the standard for others to follow.

Mountain View Cleaning serves Westmoreland County and most destinations within a 45-minute drive of Greensburg, PA.

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